Soft Washing


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    Soft Washing

    When you hire the professionals from H2O Surface Cleaners to rid your property of unwanted dirt and grime, you are also hiring someone who wants to provide you with superior results while also providing a high level of concern for your building materials. Afterall, there is no need to propel a pressure washing job into a project that requires repair work from the pressure washing methods that are used. Our staff has the best equipment in the industry, so we can choose the best products to use for each individual project. Our goal is to balance results with efficiency and safety for all people and for all building materials.

    One method that we may choose to use on your property is called soft washing. Soft washing is a special form of pressure washing that provides excellent results, yet also provides safety for certain delicate building supplies.

    Originally, the soft washing technique was created for use on shingled roofs. This softer version of pressure washing provided significant cleaning results, but would not cause damage to shingles, like the original pressure washing methods would do. Eventually, power washing professionals adapted the soft washing technique for use on other building materials that could become damaged from normal pressure washing. These materials include; various roofing materials beyond asphalt shingles, vinyl siding, and any other material that could not be durable against extreme high-pressure water outputs.

    The soft washing technique is performed with the same equipment as the power washing technique, except that the nozzle attachment is different. The nozzle that is used for soft washing creates a low-pressure stream of water. Pressure washing professionals are trained to perform cleaning tasks, using both methods of washing. H2O Surface Cleaners has professionals that are experts in all aspects of the industry, and can perform the best pressure washing technique for your particular project.

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